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Special Treasures

I was putting a few things away in Jackson's closet today while he was at school, and I came across his memory box. You know, the container many of us have stored away full of important items like hospital blankets, teeny tiny hats and shoes, first outfits, and other special treasures. For the first time in a while I pulled the box down and proceeded to sift through the contents (while my 2 year old daughter was busy dismantling Jackson's bedroom by dumping out toys!). My heart caught in my throat as I raised a little hat to my nose to see if I could still detect that sweet baby smell. I held the little hospital bracelet that was so small around his little wrist. I looked through cards from loved ones, the balloon my sister sent to the hospital, his old pacifier. Sometimes I need to transport myself back to this place, 6 years ago, when we were given the greatest gift in the entire world. It was meant to be, we were destined to be his parents, and as we met him for the first time in the delivery room we knew he was ours. As hopeful adoptive parents we had waited and waited for this day, and now it was here! A true miracle!

As I start this blog about Jackson, I am hopeful. Receiving his Salla diagnosis when he was 4 was devastating, but he continues to challenge what we know about the disease by showing us what he can do! He is not going to let this disease define who he is. It is my hope that through this blog I can share his story and his achievements. Like a proud mama keeping treasures in a memory box, I have many Jackson stories I hold in my heart. I also want to keep everyone updated on the exciting work of the STAR foundation. Good things are in the works!

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